Ericsson secures deals in Taiwan, Baltic states

Ericsson has won a contract from Taiwan's FarEasTone to upgrade its 3G network and provide technology for multimedia offerings such as music and video on phones, according to a Reuters report.


"The upgrade and expansion of FarEasTone's existing 3G network will provide significant improvement in both transmission speed and overall system performances and pave the way to all-IP," Ericsson said.


The report said the network Ericsson was building for FarEasTone would be the fastest of its kind in Taiwan, supporting initial download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, nine times faster than the current 3G network.


In a separate statement, the Swedish group also said it would provide its Internet payment solution for messaging and payment in the Baltic states, supporting the launch of local MTV stations in the region, the Reuters report further said.