Etelos, BT team up to deploy web-based apps

Etelos has formed a partnership with BT to deliver the operator's 21CN messaging and telephony web services. The partnership is intended to make it easier for application developers to integrate BT's web services into a variety of applications on the Etelos platform.

The Etelos Ecosystem enables web developers to develop and distribute applications through the Etelos Marketplace.

Businesses come to the Etelos Marketplace in search of browser-based and downloadable applications such as customer relationship management, content management, e-commerce and others.

Developers can integrate additional functionality into their applications such as SMS alerts and click to call.

The companies claim that unlike other platforms, the Etelos Ecosystem does not lock businesses in to a particular technology, rather by supporting multiple frameworks and programming languages, businesses will be able to operate without worrying about an application becoming obsolete and lacking support.