EU concerned over China anti-satellite weapons

The European Union expressed concern about China's announcement it conducted an anti-satellite weapons test and called on Beijing to support international codes against ballistic missile proliferation, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said China confirmed that it conducted an anti-satellite weapons test, nearly two weeks after the event, which caused international alarm and prompted questions about Beijing's motives.

'A test of an anti-satellite weapon is inconsistent with international efforts to avert an arms race in outer space and undermines security in outer space,' a statement from Germany, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, was quoted as saying.

'In this context the EU reaffirms the importance of security in outer space, and the urgency of preventing an arms race in outer space and is ready to contribute to that objective,' the statement said.

'The EU calls upon China to subscribe to the Hague Code of Conduct Against the Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles,' it said.

Both Washington and Tokyo have expressed concern over the January 11 test in which China used a missile to shoot down one of its own old weather satellites. Both countries criticized the test as a step toward militarizing outer space and demanded explanations from Beijing, the Associated Press report further said.