EU group to cut LTE energy consumption

Telcos, network equipment vendors, and academics have teamed up to halve the energy consumption of LTE networks by June 2012.
The EARTH consortium aims to develop energy-efficient network equipment and components, and produce environmentally-aware network management strategies.
Big-name telecom firms including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NXP Semiconductors, Telecom Italia, and DoCoMo Communications Laboratories Europe, have joined the 15-member group, which also includes the University of Surrey in the UK, Technische Universität Dresden, Technical University of Lisbon, and ETSI.
Funding is provided by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program.
Alcatel-Lucent board member Rainer Fechner says the group aimed to broadband wireless service available to a greater number of people, while reducing the impact on the environment.