EU likely to miss smart meter goals

European goals to deploy smart meters to 80% of customers by 2020 are unlikely to be met, due to rollout problems and a lack of commitment.
Research firm Berg Insight predicts between 60% and 70% of electricity customers in the EU will have smart meters by 2020, due to a decision in Germany not to deploy the meters, and rollout delays in other member states.
The firm forecasts the number of smart meters installed in the region will grow from 61.5 million in 2013 to 170.1 million in 2019, with at least 100 million homes getting a unit during the period.
While Berg applauds the EU’s effort for boosting adoption rates, senior analyst Tobias Ryberg warns more rollout delays are possible if governments don’t step in to simplify the deployment process.
“Smarter grids require smarter regulations that create a better balance between the public good and the interest of the various players,” Ryberg states.