EU parliament unveils web TV to improve image

The European Parliament launched a new web-based TV channel, hoping to bolster its image and reach a wider, younger audience, an AFP report said.

The AFP report further quoted the EU parliament's vice-president for information and communication policy Alejo Vidal-Quadras, saying that 'we are not launching a general TV channel with films, documentaries, reality shows and football,' and that the service is for those affected by or interested in European parliament decisions.

He expects 20-40 million viewers to tune in online 'for hot debates that directly affect Europeans.'

The new service's promoters also stress that there could be the odd speech from 'one of the celebrities who regularly visit the parliament'.

In fact there will be four channels, including user-generated content, general interest programmes and a public forum.

All programmes will be translated into 'more than 20 languages' either via dubbing or subtitles 'making the site unique in the world', the parliament said on its website.

The website address for the new service is