EU, Russia sign space pact

The EU and Russia signed an agreement to improve cooperation on space activities such as satellite communications, future transport systems and developing new technology, an AFP report said.

The report said the accord, signed by EU enterprise chief Guenter Verheugen, Russia space agency head Anatoliy Perminov, and European Space Agency chief Jean-Jacques Dordain, established a high-level political "space dialogue."

It also set up a permanent working group on all aspects of space cooperation, the report said.
According to the report, the deal would improve collaboration between the EU and Russia on Earth observation, global navigation, satellite communications, access to space, particularly new transportation systems, and science and exploration using the International Space Station.

The EU and Russia adopted in May 2005 a roadmap for a "common economic space" for reinforced cooperation, including a special section dedicated to space activities, the report further said.