EU to review Google-DoubleClick

The European Commission would take until November 13 to examine Google's $3.1 billion bid for online ad tracker DoubleClick to review proposals by the world's largest search engine meant to eliminate antitrust concerns, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report quoted Google lawyer Julia Holtz as saying that the California company had committed to keep certain DoubleClick business practices unchanged. She did not give details.

The November 13 deadline is for the EU to clear the deal or decide to open an in-depth probe that can take up to four months, the report said.

Rivals Yahoo and Microsoft say the deal will damage fair competition in the growing Internet advertising market, the report added.

New York-based DoubleClick helps its customers place and track online advertising, including search ads, which Google, more than its nearest search competitors Yahoo and Microsoft, has turned into an extremely lucrative business.

It places ads on web pages that targeted consumers are likely to use, generating money for smaller publishers and lesser-visited pages.

The Associated Press report also quoted Yahoo's head of European public policy, Andrew Cecil, as saying that combining the two companies would strengthen Google's dominant position in Europe and damage the online ad landscape.