EU votes down ACTA treaty

The European Parliament has soundly rejected an EU proposal to subscribe to the controversial ACTA piracy agreement.
Just 13 MEPs voted in favour of signing up to the Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade agreement, which isn’t even close to the 663 who voted against.
They were concerned the agreement flouted EU laws on counterfeiting and piracy, Euroactiv reported.
Parliament has vowed to fight ACTA in the Court of Justice, if the EU does not accept its decision.
ACTA is an attempt by the US and other major powers to introduce international standards on IP rights in an attempt to combat global piracy. It would allow for users to be incrementally cut off from the Internet if they are caught stealing content.
The EU has been negotiating with the US and other major powers over the content of ACTA, but cannot subscribe to the agreement unless Parliament approves.
Leaks from the ACTA negotiations have reportedly shown that the agreement would allow ISPs to introduce measures to combat piracy, but not directly call for three strikes measures.