EU Windows users get browser choice

Microsoft yesterday began offering European Windows users alternative web browser choices, after the EC ruled the firm was abusing its dominant position in the market.
The software giant has included a pop-up window that offers 12 choices of default browser, replacing its old system that offered Windows users only Internet Explorer. The option is delivered via an update for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, but will not be offered to anyone already using an alternative default web browser.
Even customers using Internet Explorer might not see the pop-up, if they have automatic updates turned off, the BBC reports.
Microsoft has issued the choice as part of a deal reached with the EC to settle a long-running anti-trust case.
The agreement leaves the firm clear to focus on challenging Google’s leading position in the search market. Microsoft recently combined its search engine with Yahoo’s in a bid to take the fight to Google, even though the EC didn’t think the combined service would challenge Google’s leading position.
However, Google is reportedly getting paranoid about the implications of Microsoft’s challenge. The firm has started connecting the dots in a series of lawsuits and investigations, and believes the software giant could lodge a broad-reaching anti-trust suit against it soon, the Wall St Journal reports.