Euro mobile broadband subs to double by 2011: study

The number of mobile broadband subscribers in key European markets is on pace to nearly double to 43 million by 2011, according to a new study from CCS Insight.
Revenue from mobile broadband access in these areas will meanwhile rise from less than €6 billion in 2009 to more than €11 billion, the report states.
“With the right network investment, European mobile network operators will see significant growth in Mobile Broadband adoption in the next two years,” said GSMA chief marketing officer Michael O’Hara.
O'Hara predicts that HSPA will drive mobile broadband adoption in Europe, paving the way for LTE and redoubled investment in HSPA+.
The report adds that as mobile broadband spreads, the countries that currently have the lowest penetration – France and Spain – will experience the fastest growth in subscriber numbers.
The high cost of bandwidth has served to limit penetration in some areas – such as in France, where 4GB of data can cost subscribers nearly €85 per month. But as competition intensifies, prices are predicted to fall.
By contrast, fierce competition has left the UK with among the least expensive mobile broadband prices. Subscribers often pay less than €17 per month for 3GB of data, and less than €5 per gigabyte.