Euro RIR urges urgent IPv6 switch

Europe’s regional internet registry says exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in Asia Pacific makes it vital firms switch to IPv6 as soon as possible.
While the RIPE NCC states the allocation of the final blocks of IPv4 addresses by Asia’s registry APNIC doesn’t affect its own stocks it notes that it can’t guarantee supplies of the out going addresses and is unsure when they will run out.
“[W]e will continue to distribute these resources to our members on the basis of need until we reach the last /8,” the European registry stated.
RIPE NCC will adopt the same policy as its Asian counterpart once the last /8 of addresses is reached, by allocating a 22th of its block – equivalent to 1,024 addresses – to local registries that demonstrate a need for the space.
Asia’s APNIC announced today that its IPv4 addresses are now exhausted, and that final allocations will be made to those with the greatest need.
APNIC triggered the allocation of the final blocks of IPv4 addresses to the world's five RIRs in February.