Europe, Asia Pac offer cheapest LTE

Europe leads the world in terms of typical LTE pricing, but operators in the Middle East offer the highest average monthly data allowances, figures from Tariff Consultancy show.
Figures for global LTE pricing in the first quarter provided to reveal European carriers typically charge $42.91 (€33.43) per month for 13.5-GB of data, while Middle Eastern carriers charge $59.27 for 13.8-GB (see fig.1).
Operators in Asia Pacific are the second cheapest with average monthly fees of $47.59, however the typical 7-GB monthly allowance is the lowest of the four regions tracked. Prices in the Americas are the highest at $59.27 for 7.6-GB.
Tariff Consultancy bases its figures on analysis of 103 mobile network operators in 61 countries around the world. Its first quarter study also found that the global average price of LTE services is $53, the typical monthly allowance 11.6 GB, and that the most common download speed on offer is 100 Mbps.
Fig. 1 – Average LTE price and allowances by region
Average cost per month
Average inclusive GB
Middle East
Asia Pacific