Europe leading m-payment region; Telefónica claims consumer IoT kit first

> Europe leads the world in terms of mobile payments, with 24 per cent of all online payments in the region during the third quarter conducted on mobile phones, specialist company Adyen states. Release

> Telefónica said it launched the first mainstream consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products--an environmental pack that enables users to control home heating and lighting remotely. Release

> Amazon paid $170 million (€134 million) in inventory and supplier costs related to its Fire smartphone in the third quarter. Article

> Nokia reported growing sales in the third quarter, thanks in part to booming business in its Network unit. Article

> Mobile game revenues are tipped to surpass console game sales in 2015. Report

> Nike teamed with Apple to develop a new range of wearable devices. Article

And finally…Forget ride sharing apps. Now you can drive your own car into town and use a mobile valet to handle tricky stuff like finding a parking spot. Article