European broadband rankings dropping down the chart

The Netherlands and Denmark were the only two European countries to reach the top 5 global broadband rankings in a survey from Strategy Analytics. Significantly, three of the top five countries and five of the top 10 countries were in Asia .
The report focuses on broadband penetration by household rather than by per-capita broadband measurement.
“Residential broadband is overwhelmingly consumed on a household basis—not individually. Reporting broadband penetration on a per-capita basis misses the mark, and can provide grossly misleading results,” said Strategy Analytics' Ben Piper.
The survey revealed that 95% of South Korean’s have a broadband connection and top the list, followed by Singapore, which has 88% household broadband penetration.
The US was ranked at 20 with 60% household broadband penetration, and the expectation that it will fall to 23rd place by the end of the year. France and the UK came in at 13th and 14th respectively.