European iPhone shortage, or more hype?

The ethics of the market trader are becoming evident in the lead up to the launch of the 3G iPhone--well rumoured to be announced on June 9th. According to the U.K. cell phone trade, the decision to cut the price of the iPhone to £100 has been too successful and Carphone Warehouse was reported to be out of stock. The retailer--one of Europe's largest, has asked its outlets to remove iPhone promotions, stating that it does not expect any more stock. However, it would seem that orders for the 8GB model can still be made via the Carphone Warehouse website.

Meanwhile, an industry analyst with Morgan Stanley claimed that European operators were reported to be sitting on large stocks of unsold iPhones and could be facing significant losses as they cut the retail price to clear stocks in anticipation of an imminent 3G launch. The analyst stated that European mobile executives seemed to have become over-excited by the hype surrounding the iPhone at the time of its US launch last June.

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