European mobile ads overtake US

European mobile ad networks performed twice as well as the global average in June and outperformed their US peers for the first time, according to figures from Smaato.
The mobile ad firm’s latest metrics show that Europe’s mobile advertising networks achieved average fill rates - defined as the percentage of time an ad shows when requested by a publisher – of 42% in June, compared to a global average of 22% and the 31% of US networks.
All but one of Europe’s ad networks improved fill rates from May to June, Smaato said.
While fill rates for the global top ten networks recovered slightly after three months of decline, when it comes to click through rates (CTR) only four of the ten performed above the global 22% average.
Symbian generates the highest CTRs of any platform globally, followed by feature phones and Android.
European rankings are similar, but with iPhone ranked third instead of Android, which generated the lowest CTRs of any platform in June.
RIM almost tripled its CTR score between April and June.