European parliament rules on EMF

The European parliament has voted for science-based exposure limits for electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies. It claims the Resolution will contribute to public confidence in the safety of mobile communications.

The vote supports the European Commission's policy on radio signals and is consistent with the position of the World Health Organization.
The GSMA said that it welcomes the recommendation of the European parliament that public safety standards should continue to be regularly reviewed in the light of new scientific findings.

The Resolution confirmed that planning policies for mobile network antennas should be "determined by scientific criteria". This is consistent with the views of the European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, 17 February 2009, which voted, by a majority of 43 to one, to reject proposals for arbitrary exclusion zones.

Many thousands of studies on the potential risks or otherwise of EMF from mobile phones and antenna have been carried out around the world. None has yet been 100% conclusive.