European roaming charges falling--official

ERG, the European Regulators Group, has published the results of its most recent report on roaming tariffs in Europe. The period covered by the report was April to September 2007 and the data was largely collated prior to the introduction of the EU regulation on international roaming charges. The ERG looked at average cost of calls made, average cost of calls received and the average cost of SMS messages sent. The main impact of the new EU regulation will only be clear when the ERG carries out its next survey covering the period up to March 2008. However, the ERG says some early effects are already evident in that many roaming charges show a clear reduction between the April to June and the July to September periods. For example there was a reduction in the retail charge for voice roaming calls made from €0.69 to €0.62 per minute billed and the corresponding average retail charge for voice roaming calls received reduced from €0.34 to €0.30 per minute billed. The ERG plans to repeat this exercise every six months.

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