Europeans do respond to mobile ads - well, nearly 30% do

New research from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) indicates that, on average, 45 per cent of European consumers noticed mobile advertising and of these, 29 per cent responded to it.

The research also showed that once people had responded to a mobile advert over a third (39 per cent) carried on to make a purchase.

The keenest were German consumers with nearly 50 per cent likely to make a purchase, compared to 47 per cent of UK users and 22 per cent of French users. Those consumers that actually made purchases spent between €5 and €20.

The MMA also claimed that, in the UK and France, opted-in SMS advertising proved most effective at soliciting consumer response at 40 percent and 21 percent respectively.

The study asked respondents about their awareness, response and purchasing habits as a result of advertising delivered on mobile devices. Article