Everything Everywhere first with iPad subsidy

Christmas 2010 could turn into an iPad sales frenzy, after Apple agreed to Everything Everywhere offering subsidies on the device that could cut the cost by 60%.
Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, which are run by Everything Everywhere, revealed they will offer “more affordable prices,” on the iPad for consumers signing up to a data service plan, becoming the first operators in the world to offer phone-style subsidies on the device.
Contracts will run for 18 or 24 months, and could see £300 (€352) slashed from the price of a 3G iPad, which currently retails for £529, the Sun newspaper reports.
Apple green lighted the subsidies to combat the growing threat from rival tablets – in particular Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the newspaper said.
Samsung has already sold 600,000 Galaxy Tabs since its launch in October, the San Francisco Chronicle reports citing BGR – a figure CNET notes has been aided by the availability of subsidized units.
France Telecom will begin selling subsidized iPads for €279 in its domestic market from December, with a monthly subscription of around €35, chief Stephane Richard revealed on French radio yesterday.
Apple has dominated the tablet market to-date, with the iPad accounting for 95% of the 4.4 million tablets shipped during 3Q, according to Strategy Analytics.