Ex-DT chief denies knowledge of wiretaps

Former Deutsche Telekom boss Kai-Uwe Ricke testified Friday that he did not authorize the use of illegal methods to discover the source of leaks at the firm in 2005.
Ricke denied ordering a security manager to procure the phone records of journalists and board members suspected of leaking information to the press at a trial in Germany, stating that he would have intervened if he’d known about the action, Handelsblatt reports.
He was speaking at the trial of former security man Klaus Trzeschan, who stands accused with three others of breaching Germany’s Federal Privacy Act, and acts of fraud and embezzlement.
Trzeschan claims Ricke effectively authorized him to discover the source at all costs following protracted meetings, but the former chief says the matter wasn’t even discussed Bloomberg stated.
German prosecutors threatened to re-open an investigation into Ricke on the back of Trzeschan’s allegations in September, having abandoned a previous probe due to lack of evidence.