Executive appointments at RSCC

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has appointed Alexander Ganin as the company’s first deputy director general. He will be in charge of issues associated with development of new spacecraft.
Andrey Panichkin has become the head of the chief engineer service of RSCC. He will be responsible for united technological policy at the company’s objects in the field of manufacturing, operating and upgrading the power supply systems as well as for labor protection and civil defense activities.
Alexey Chernov has been named deputy chief of the Communications System Operation service – chief of Shabolovka Technical Center of RSCC. He will manage operation and development of Shabolovka TC.
Sergey Plotnikov has been appointed as the chief of the Infocommunication Technologies and Multimedia services division at RSCC. He will be responsible for implementing the project of developing multimedia platform and introducing advanced technologies based on the RSCC’ technical facilities

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