Facebook has 25m mobile users per month

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says the social networking site is visited by more than 25 million user per month. He was speaking at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week.

In November, Facebook said its monthly total of mobile visitors had reached 15 million, up from 5 million at the beginning of 2008, fierce wireless reports.

According to unofficial Facebook blog AllFacebook's application metrics, the site now boasts more than 4 million daily active users from its top three mobile applications, reports the fierce wireless article.

In late January, browser developer Opera Software reported Facebook and its Russian counterpart vKontakte are the most visited social networks for Opera Mini users.

Opera's latest State of the Mobile Web report notes that the total number of Opera Mini browser users who visited Facebook grew more than 693% in 2008--vKontakte usage increased almost 910% last year, which the firm credits to the popularity of Opera Mini in Russian-speaking countries.

From a global perspective, Friendster is now the third most-visited social networking site by Opera Mini users, experiencing 670% growth in 2008. MySpace ranked eighth overall with 618% growth last year, although it was still second in the US behind Facebook.

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