Facebook's mobile service goes global with Telefonica

Mobile social networking has taken a significant step forward following a global agreement that will enable Telefonica cellphone subscribers to access Facebook's mobile services and applications. The deal expands the current UK-only relationship into a worldwide contract.

The agreement calls for a phased roll-out of the new network which will see services firstly deployed in Ireland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, with the second deployment including Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Central American countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Every participating country may include a link in the browsing menu of its mobile handsets to Facebook's mobile service, allowing customers to send digital content (photos and videos) through integrated MMS services. Currently, more than 24 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook each day.

Mobile social networking is being hyped by the providers of such services as the next logical extension of their existing PC/laptop-based platform. Operators are keen to forge deals such as the above in anticipation of greater data usage.

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