Facebook simplifies privacy controls

Facebook has revealed the updated privacy controls it hopes will restore public confidence in the social networking site, after heavy criticism of the firm’s complex mechanisms.
The new controls include a single toggle to disable all applications, simpler control over who can see a user’s content, and a reduction in the amount of basic information that must be made publicly available.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the firm had got it wrong when it introduced complex privacy settings that required users to go through myriad menus to set the information they wanted to put on public display.
“Each time we make a change we try to learn from past lessons, and each time we make new mistakes too,” he wrote in a blog. “We are far from perfect, but we always try our hardest to build the best service.”
However, Zuckerberg told CNET the changes would be the last to the firm’s privacy policies for “a long time.”
Facebook has come under fire lately over its privacy policies, with some users calling for a mass exodus from the site on May 31.