Facebook to introduce privacy reforms today

Facebook will today reveal details of reforms to its privacy policies intended to quell a barrage of criticism from users and government bodies, and head-off plans by thousands of users to quit the site.
The changes will include simpler privacy settings, after CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted the firm had “missed the mark,” with current settings, which require users to leaf through dozens of pages to set their preferred level of access, the BBC reports.
Details of the changes will be posted on the official Facebook blog late evening US-time.
The firm will hope the changes are enough to prevent a mass exodus from the site by disgruntled users, which was planned for May 31.
It will also hope to appease European privacy officials and US lawmakers who have questioned its handling of personal user data.
Despite the furor, user numbers continue to grow, with 411 million new subscribers added in April, according to Bloomberg reports citing figures from ComScore.