FCC approves iPhone sale in US

Regulators approved Apple's iPhone for sale in the US paving the way for the much anticipated device to be sold by the wireless unit of AT&T in late June, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report said news of the US Federal Communications Commission certification helped send Apple shares up 2.2% to $109.70 in late afternoon trading.

The iPhone, unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in January, is expected to make a splash in the market, despite its $500 price tag, due to its sleek design, large touch screen and ability to play music like the company's iPod digital media players, the Reuters report said.

'The iPhone has passed its required FCC certification milestone and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned,' Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Kerris said reports earlier this week that Apple had sent an email to employees saying that the iPhone and next version of the company's computer operating system would be delayed by several months were not true, the Reuters report further said.