Femtocell proximity changes Android UI

Users of Android handsets could be able to take advantage in the future of an innovative application that would see the handset's UI change completely when it comes within range of a femtocell. The application would update the Android's UI with new icons to enable the users to access high-bandwidth entertainment services like video streaming, social networking and home network integration when connected to the femtocell. The UI would return to normal when the handset moves back to the cellular network.

The application, UX-Zone, is a joint development by the Canadian software house Intrinsyc and the femtocell developer Ubiquisys and has been specifically designed to switch UI themes to reflect the cell phone's location. Ubiquisys said that the UX-Zone application could be adopted by enterprises or businesses to provide a customised or themed home screen on Android gadgets when on campus or within a certain building or a retail store.

"On leaving home, the interface returns to normal, but on arrival at the office an entire new range of enterprise application icons appear on a new 'Office' interface designed specifically for business productivity," said a company spokesman. "Accordingly, one flexible Android device can be simultaneously tuned for home, mobile and work."

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