Femtocells become strategic for improving mobile broadband experience

While operators have been installing femtocell cells to deliver improved voice services, according to Infonetics Research. The report found that operators project they will have, on average, 211,000 femtocell subscribers by 2013. Infonetics claims there is a shift going on in how operators use femtocells, with more operators looking to use them to enhance the mobile broadband experience and as a means for delivering value-added services like virtual home phone numbers and media file sharing. However, Richard Webb of Infonetics warned: "The business model for more sophisticated femtocell services remains a big question mark. For the market to evolve, vendors need to help operators on pricing and service models so they can drive volumes and enable new service revenue. If it adds up, there's a real opportunity to leverage the femtocell to put the mobile network at the heart of the home network-something that's traditionally been beyond the reach of the mobile operator." Release