Femtocells need strong business case, states report

While the deployment of femtocells has gained significant interest, a new study claims that a large-scale roll-out of femtocells carries considerable risk and many early business cases are not commercially viable.

"Femtocells are progressing rapidly from being an interesting emerging technology to being ready for mobile operators to deploy", said Dr Alastair Brydon of Analysys, who conducted the study. "Engineering departments within mobile operators have generally led the evaluation of femtocells but the next critical step is to define a profitable business case, based on clearly targeted and compelling customer propositions."

However, Brydon was able to present a picture where a strategy underpinned by a range of multimedia service propositions could result in a much stronger business case for femtocells, bringing the potential to increase revenue and save substantial costs, and offering operators the chance to recoup their investment within one to eight months, depending upon the scenario modeled. "Applications such as mobile TV, video and audio services will significantly broaden the consumer appeal of femtocells."

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