Femtocells: Out of the home and into the streets

Major global operators today backed the vision of taking femtocells out of homes and offices into the wider environment as part of their Long Term Evolution (LTE) deployment. At the LTE World Summit in London, China Mobile, T-Mobile and Telus all expressed support for this idea that first was advanced by Vodafone earlier this year. Femtocell specialist picoChip gave reality to this concept by announcing further details of what is claimed to be the industry's first complete LTE picocell and femtocell reference designs. These new platforms will enable high capacity networks for metro, hot-zone and rural deployments. According to the picoChip view of LTE, all deployments will consist of small femtocell base stations. Speaking at the World Summit picoChip co-founder and CTO Doug Pulley stated that the macrocell was dead and that it was a fallacy to think that existing cellsites could be used for LTE services.

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