Femtocells threatened by new 3G repeaters announcement

A new line of residential repeaters could help mobile operators meet the growing demand for better in-building coverage and significantly beat femtocell deployment costs. Coiler, the developer making the claim, said that its new Atom AT-2200 residential 3G repeater will eliminate site-maintenance costs associated with traditional in-building coverage extension methods, but, more importantly, also removes the need for major network modifications and new rollout strategies required by the deployment of the femtocells.

The company said that the Atom repeater was capable of providing a 60dB gain and UL/DL power of +7dBm, and, with no need for an ADSL connection, the technology should appeal to countries where fixed broadband penetration is low. However, in this situation the availability of 3G coverage might also be doubtful and the deployment of WiMAX could be a better overall solution to the provision of rural broadband.

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