First cloud computing org launched in UK

The first organization supporting the deployment of enterprise cloud computing has been launched in the UK .

The group is the UK am of EuroCloud and new initiative launched in October that aims to represent software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and become a best practice authority for European cloud services.
EuroCloud is being led by a team of cloud computing specialists tasked with co-ordinating the community in each market.
Phil Wainewright, CEO of consulting firm Procullux Ventures, is leading the project. Wainewright has been promoting the initiative since its European wide launch last month and announced that 20 new companies have joined.
EuroCloud has created local communities in Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain and is actively recruiting members.
The organization aims to expand its network to 20 EuroCloud regional organizations and around 500 members by 2014
The umbrella organization will aim to propose best practice guidelines for cloud vendors, and could also lobby the government or the European Union on areas of potential legislation that affect vendors.