First-ever revenue assurance guidebook

The TeleManagement Forum has released a new revenue assurance (RA) guidebook which helps telecom operators define processes and methods for attacking revenue leakage.


The handbook is the industry's first step-by-step guide for RA, delivering both definitions of RA business processes and leakage points, as well as strategies for solving today's most significant new RA challenges - fraud, regulation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley) and content/advanced services, according to the TM Forum.


To assist RA practitioners in finding revenue leakage in their organizations, the guidebook outlines and classifies a comprehensive set of RA definitions, consisting of a checklist of 77 revenue leakage points and walks through 10 real world examples of RA problems from service providers and how they were solved. 


It also comprises a definitive set of business processes for RA, which provides a blueprint for how to build RA into a service provider's organization.


"Revenue Assurance encompasses all OSS systems and BSS systems as well as affecting processes and people," said Martin Creaner, CTO of the Forum. "It is often viewed as being both uncontrolled and uncontrollable, but this guidebook is the first clear indication that RA is a discipline that can be approached in a methodical fashion."