First formula to calculate value inside mobiles is unveiling its Mobilator online calculator designed to show how much money is tied up in our mobiles.

The formula has been developed to show people that there is far more to their mobiles than just the plastic. Often the monetary value of what is iniside mobiles accounts for more than the handset itself and is typically unprotected and vulnerable to loss. One thing that the Mobyko formula cannot estimate is the emotional value that a text or contact may hold for the owner.

Roni Garcia of the Metropolitan Police's National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) added: 'If you lose your data, then often the loss for the
individual is much more than the value of the handset itself. In most cases the information lost on a mobile is hardly ever retrieved. If a handset is stolen, the data loss has proven to be the biggest inconvenience and trauma during a theft, as you never know who has your details. This takes us into the realm of ID theft and fraud.'

Professor of Applied Mathematics Frank Smith, University College London (UCL) and Post-Doctorial researcher Andrew Ellis developed the formula jointly with Mobyko to put a monetary value on all mobile content including; contacts, texts, photos, videos, music and games.


Hungry Media Hound
Texts x15
Contacts x120
Photos x300
Videos x7
Music x30
Games x8
Total - £412

Constant Communicator
Texts x50
Contacts x200
Photos x10
Videos x1
Music x0
Games x0
Total - £234

Tidy Mobilist
Texts x10
Contacts x80
Photos x6
Videos x2
Music x10
Games x0
Total - £213

Julian Saunders, founder and CEO, Mobyko; said, 'The one thing the Mobilator can't put a pound sign on is the emotional attachment to your personal content. So the message is clear, you should protect what is valuable to you.'

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