First Google phone parts cost $144

The first mobile phone to be powered by Google's Android operating system - the T-Mobile G1 - costs $144 in components and materials, according to researchers.

Research first iSuppli has conducted a 'bill-of-materials' estimate for the G1, which retails for $179 in the US. But the estimate doesn't include software R&D, manufacturing or accessory costs.

Meanwhile, Google has added voice and video chat features to its Gmail service, in a possible bid to compete with Skype.

The company also recently launched a new tool aimed at helping US health experts track the spread of flu viruses and identify areas that have been particularly effected. The company will do this by using web trends to identify areas where a large number of people are googling for flu symptoms.

Finally, Google's YouTube service, as well as iTunes and Hulu, will all soon be offering episodes and clips from Sesame Street, having reached a deal with US network PBS.