First Windows 7 phones due October

Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 7 on October 11, according to the Pocket-lint web site, with handsets following in late October.
The event will be held in New York, according to “multiple anonymous sources familiar with the matter,” and will see the unveiling of devices from Asus, Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung.
Qualcomm has already hinted it will be present in virtually all the first WP7 launches, and leaks indicate LG's E900 offering will run a 1.3GHz iteration of the Snapdragon processor - not Nvidia Tegra 2 or Intel Atom, which will turn up in other high end LG products.
AT&T has pledged to be the foremost US carrier supporting the new Microsoft mobile OS, so could be expected to offer at least one of the new handsets as early as the end of October.
Microsoft has recently been putting the final touches to the software platform, which represents its make-or-break effort to remain a force in the mobile market.
It will activate Windows Phone Marketplace at the time of the official launch, and recently announced the final code version of the OS. Next week, it will release the final production version of its WP7 developer tools.
It has also released a video teaser for its new platform, mimicking a scene from the movie Lawrence of Arabia, featuring the tagline “The revolution is coming.”