Flash finds more allies in war with Apple

Nokia, Opera and a number of media companies have thrown their support behind Adobe in the battle with Apple over Flash.
Emboldened by the emergence of competing offerings to the iPad, content producers including Time Warner and NBC Universal have decided to hold their ground against Apple's demands to effectively replace Flash with HTML-5, sources told the New York Post
The media companies have refused to reprogram their video libraries to support HTML-5, arguing that the migration would be too expensive and unnecessary due to the ubiquity of Flash online.  
Time Warner also objects to Apple's subscription-only model for the iPad.
The company is promoting an initiative dubbed “TV Everywhere” which aims to provide content to pay-TV customers on a platform-agnostic basis, and Apple's plans interfere with that plan.
Nokia and Opera both pledged their own support for Flash at yesterday's Open Mobile Summit, Reuters said
Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner said Flash was the only proprietary part of the web that Opera does support.
Apple has effectively banned Flash on all of its devices, including the iPad.