Focus shifts to access and apps

Telecom Asia: What are telecom operators demanding in building their next-generation networks‾

Dr Chikama: Telecom operators are facing a major shift in their networks from legacy to all-IP broadband networks. NGN allows high-capacity content, such as IPTV and video streaming, to be transmitted stress-free so that users can easily enjoy various kinds of services. To achieve this, not only must the network infrastructure have high capacity, high flexibility and high security, terminals must also be easy and safe to operate. High-capacity core transmission using DWDM, carrier-grade routers and OSS is an essential step to efficiently managing the whole network. On top of this, telecom operators should consider new business models that are attractive to both corporate users as well as consumers.

What are the architectural options available that can meet operators' requirements and achieve their business objectives‾

Major operators still have to maintain legacy services for their existing customers, and Fujitsu supports such requirements with two architectural options. One is an overlay solution for new services over a separate network along with the existing network, which is the typical case in Japan and the US. The other is the evolution option, moving off the existing network to new network like BT in the UK. All operators are trying to reduce their capex/opex and increase revenue which ever option they choose.

How do you think the major telecom operators will spend their network investment over the next five years‾

Broadband access is rapidly expanding on a global scale. To manage the increase in traffic, operators have shifted their investment from the core to the access area - particularly metro-access networks. And it is also expected that operators will invest in application services to leverage their movement into NGN. Fujitsu is ready to provide both access and metro-core products to enhance our NGN business strategy.

How far is GPON from becoming a mainstream broadband access technology‾

Fujitsu has developed Gigabit Ethernet PON (GE-PON) for the Japanese market, which conforms to the IEEE standard, and we are deploying it rapidly across the country now. The number of subscribers reached four million as of June. We have also developed GPON complying with the FSAN specification standard as well. We believe GE/GPON technology itself is very mature and will be deployed worldwide, for example in Japan and US.

Are GPON and xDSL competing technologies or they are complementary to each‾

We believe they are complementary to each. In Europe some counties deploy xDSL technology over existing copper-based lines for their broadband business model because of the physical restriction in buildings and on streets. In the US, however, incumbent carriers and CATV operators are investing heavily in access infrastructure and deploying FTTH solutions to provide triple-play services. The technology would not be replacing the model for xDSL in all fixed access solutions because both xDSL and GPON technologies are suitable for each application respectively. Fujitsu is providing a MSAN system for a major carrier in UK, which has both xDSL and GPON interfaces.


Not only wired-access, but wireless-access technologies like WiMAX will be rapidly deployed in near future.

In terms of 3G wireless networking technologies, what are the top priorities on cellcos' wish list‾

We understand that cellcos' top priorities are boosting their coverage area, increasing throughput with reduced cost per bit and effectively incorporating multiple systems. To solve these issues, Fujitsu offers compact 3G base stations with highly-efficient power amplifier modules and HSDPA solutions. In addition, the development of fundamental technologies for WiMAX, HSUPA and 3.9G/4G have been completed. After that, the launch of 4G equipment will be expected around 2012 or 2013.

What is Fujitsu's major focus at ITU Telecom World 2006‾

We will focus on NGN under the new corporate theme 'Net Tomorrow'. We will exhibit various products related to application services, service platforms and transport network. NGN applications that generate new revenue for telecom operators and WiMAX16e will also be demonstrated. Please visit us and experience the flavor of our new services.