Foxconn licenses Microsoft patents

Microsoft is continuing its patent assault on Android, scoring a patent licensing agreement with Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn.
Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties on devices running the Android or Chrome OS. Microsoft announced
The exact terms of the agreement are confidential, but payments potentially extend to smartphones, tablets and televisions.
Foxconn manufactures roughly 40% of the world's consumer electronics devices.
The deal is another minor blow to Google, as the more handset makers have to pay in royalties, the lesser the immediate benefit of using the otherwise free Android OS.
Microsoft has been gunning after Android handset makers for some time, securing licensing agreements with big names including Samsung, HTC and LG Electronics
Microsoft is also involved in a patent legal battle with Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility in the US and Germany. Google has long maintained that Android does not infringe on any Microsoft patents.