France Telecom to overhaul exec team in new year

France Telecom has confirmed that it will embark on a senior executive management reshuffle early next year in a bid to clean up the reputation and the stability of the group.

The executive revamp comes as the carrier’s senior vice president, Barbara Dalibard announced that her departure from the company in early 2010 to work for French regions and state-owned railway operator SNCF.

A France Telecom spokesperson said, "in addition to the new social contract and the planned announcement at the end of February of a major new company project, the group's management will be adapted and will include new management profiles." France Telecom has endured a tough year in terms of human resources management and staff morale, following 25 employee suicides.

Dalibard  was responsible for the Orange Business Services unit, however a replacement has yet to be named. This week Dalibard also announced details of France Telecom’s cloud computing strategy which will be implemented over the next two years.

Launching under the Orange Business Services brand, the news services will include an on-demand hosted infrastructure service that will let its customers buy computing power in the same way they buy electricity in addition to making a catalogue of software available for lease over the internet rather than pay for a full licence.