French parliament throws out file sharing bill

France's parliament rejected a bill last Thursday that proposed disconnecting those who download music or films illegally. The ruling UMP party failed to turn out in force to approve the bill, which has been championed by President Sarkozy personally.

'Nicolas Sarkozy does not intend to give up on it, whatever the derisory manoeuvres that only serve to harm creative diversity,' his office said in a statement.

Socialist parliamentarians broke out in applause after the vote went their way. The government said it plans to re-submit the bill later in April.

The Internet bill, which is supported by the music industry, would give those caught downloading files illegally two warnings and then, after a third violation, have them disconnected for up to a year.

Socialist parliamentarian Patrick Bloche called the bill 'dangerous, useless, inefficient, and very risky for us citizens.' Others urged the government not to re-submit it.