Fring accuses Skype of banning interconnects

Fring has accused Skype of ordering an end to the pair’s four-year interconnection relationship in retaliation for it blocking Skype users from its new iPhone service.
Skype yesterday refused to let Fring restore the connection between the two VoIP services, after Fring reduced connectivity to Skype users on its new iPhone 4 service.
The VoIP firm rejects Fring’s claims that it was forced to temporarily reduce connectivity to Skype users after its new service caused unprecedented demand for data traffic.
“Fring made the decision to remove Skype functionality on its own,” Robert Miller, Skype’s VP of legal, blogged.
Miller said Skype is concerned that Fring has been using the software in a way which breaches the company's API terms of use, and said the firm would “rigorously protect its brand and reputation.
“Those developers that do not comply with our terms will be subject to legal enforcement.”
Fring has responded by branding Skype “cowards” for allegedly blocking them, stating that the company is “afraid of open communication,” in a blog
On the list of supported networks on Fring's homepage, the Skype logo has been changed so it is enclosed in a red struck through circle, with the word “banned!” added below.