Gartner predicts the fall of PCs

Personal computers will be replaced by personal cloud services as the center point of consumer’s digital lives within the next three years, Gartner analysts predict.
The research firm tips personal cloud services to eclipse PCs by end-2014, as so-called ‘megatrends’ align to become major driving forces of change. The shift will open new levels of flexibility in the devices consumers use, but will also force enterprises to get creative in the way they deliver applications and services.
"Many call this era the post-PC era, but it isn't really about being 'after' the PC, but rather about a new style of personal computing that frees individuals to use computing in fundamentally new ways to improve multiple aspects of their work and personal lives,” says Steve Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner.

Kleynhans predicts cloud services will “become the glue” that connects a growing number of consumer devices, including smartphones and tablets.