German police raid booth at CeBIT 2008

What was the world's largest ICT show, CeBIT, might be a shadow of its former self, but it was certainly lively yesterday, according to a local newspaper, Heise, as explained on the IntoMobile site.

Apparently Meizu's booth was raided by police and staff were asked to remove most of their display materials and leave the hall because of copyright issues in its portfolio.

Meizu M8 miniOne has been much remarked upon for its apparent similarity to the Apple iPhone, but it appears that in fact the culprit was licensing issues surrounding one of Meizu's portable music players, which has also been noted for its apparent similarity to a certain Apple product.

Meizu has been permitted to return to the CeBIT hall minus its music player display, but with its Meizu M8 miniOne promotion intact. Speculation is rife about what this means concerning the validity of the company's Chinese patent.