GfK: Health and fitness trackers account for 39% of UK wearables market

Health and fitness trackers are the biggest segment of the wearables market in the UK at 39 per cent of all wearables sold between January and August 2014, followed by wrist sport computers at 26 per cent, and action cameras at 24 per cent. According to a new report from research company GfK, smart watches are the smallest segment at 11 per cent. The research suggests that smart watches are still considered 'gadgets for geeks', partly because they are not viewed as aesthetically appealing or seen to have a particularly clear function. This year so far, some 420,000 wearable units have been sold, at a value of £51 million (€64.6 million/$82 million)--four in ten of them activity trackers. The GfK consumer research suggests that people will wear activity trackers on almost any item of clothing or jewellery, but that price is the biggest hurdle: 28 per cent of consumers say cost is the most important criteria when purchasing an activity tracker. Report