Gizmo5 offers free calls to Skype

VoIP provider Gizmo5 has launched a gateway that will allow users of any VoIP phone to call Skype for free, and vice versa.

The OpenSky gateway allows VoIP calls of between 1-5 minutes for free. For longer calls, users must purchase OpenSky for a $20 annual fee, GigaOm reports.

Gizmo5 is formerly known as SIP Phone, founded by internet entrepreneur Michael Robertson who also founded

The service will also allow users to call Skype accounts via mobile phones, but this will require the user purchase Gizmo5 credit. Gixmo5 charges landline call fees of 1.9c per minute, and international calls for 2-30c per minute to most locales.

Skype charges 1.7 euro cents (2.2 cents) per minute for calls to its 30 most popular destinations via SkypeOut, and between 2 and 30 euro cents for calls to most other countries.