Global forum urges India to support WiMAX

The WiMAX Forum has sought the Indian government's support in its endeavor towards getting the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to include WiMAX as part of International Mobile Communications -- 2000 (IMT-2000) standards, an Economic Times of India report, said.

The Economic Times report said the forum has asked India's Department of Telecom (DoT) to support its cause in the upcoming ITU meet in Kyoto, Japan.

Indian cellular operators have, however, opposed the move and said that the DoT must not support the forum's proposal until further details such as compatibility and interference issues with regard to WiMAX are available, the report said.

IMT-2000 is the global standard for 3G wireless communications as defined by the ITU.
Despite opposition from many global telecom and network majors, it is anticipated that WiMAX will be approved as an IMT-2000 technology by end of this year.

'There is a solid basis therefore, to support the argument that mobile WiMAX should be included within the IMT family of radio interface technologies,' a WiMAX Forum statement said.

The group added that the move will offer operators, especially in developing countries, an additional migration path to consider as they strive to add network capabilities to support a larger suite of value-added broadband services, the report said.

However, the Cellular Operators Association of India, the body representing all GSM operators has told the DoT that 'before any such proposal for the inclusion of WiMAX as a member of IMT-2000 family can be taken up, it is imperative that the compatibility/interference issues are extensively studied"&brkbar;'