Google adds multi-touch to Nexus One

Google has added a number of new features - including multi-touch capability - to the Nexus One device, via an over-the-air software update.
The update also fixes some 3G connectivity problems that users had been experiencing, and makes the Google Goggles augmented reality software available by default from the apps menu.
Announcing the updates, Google said devices now include a pinch-to-zoom mechanism for the phone's web browser, gallery and maps.
The update will roll out gradually, and will not be available for most users until the end of the week, the company added.
Many early adopters had been complaining of patchy 3G support, the New York Times reports.
Additions to the Google Maps software including the synching of user-selected starred map items between handset and computer, and a new night mode for Google Navigation which will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen at night for easier viewing.